Guatemala Adventures - Something For Everyone

June 2, 2018 by Turan Sparks

With 37 volcanoes, 23 separate languages, 19 different ecosystems and countless Mayan and Colonial destroys, it is not surprising that Guatemala - a country no bigger than Tennessee - is mentioned four times in the #1 Bestseller, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die.

helicopter adventures in Guatemala , Guatemala’s most beautiful and historic city, is like having a tiny bit of Europe, just south of the boundary, but in a fraction of the cost. Additionally, with daily direct flights from New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Atlanta and Dallas, Guatemala is easy to access and in less time than it takes to fly to Europe or Hawaii.

Nestled between three stunning volcanoes in Central America, Antigua, Guatemala is one of the world’s earliest and most beautiful colonial cities.

In Antigua travelers explore the ruins, museums, art galleries, art galleries, restaurants and stores that are dotted throughout the famed cobblestone streets of the former capital of Guatemala. Centrally situated, Antigua is also the ideal base from which to take short trips to other popular destinations like Lake Atitlan, the Pacific Coast and the world famous Mayan Temples of Tikal.

So if you prefer a leisurely horse carriage ride through this centuries old town, or a day at the outdoor market discovering incredible hand-crafted paintings, or even a heart-pounding excursion through the tree-tops onto a zip-line… whatever could inspire and renew you is very likely to be found in Antigua…

Maybe it occurs when you’re gazing in the towering volcanoes disappearing into the distance as you skim across an ancient, blue glassy lake on your way to discover your next lakeside Mayan Village. Or maybe it strikes you when you are enjoying the rising sun on a morning in a place so beautiful it makes you grab your breath. Here, in this enchanting place, it happens - you disconnect, then reconnect to something which profoundly enriches and renews.

Considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lake Atitlan is a stunning natural wonder that has seduced travelers for centuries. In many of the villages that the Mayan civilization remains widespread and the traditional dress is still worn.

Complementing the traditional villages are some”amazing tourist cities” such as Panajachel, San Marcos and San Pedro, where travelers from all over the world meet, mix and have fun. Atitlan is truly a unique wonder of the world, or as one recent visitor described it Lake Atitlan is like having too much of a fantastic thing! Just a short distance away from the lake will be the world famous open market of Chichicastenango. In Chichi, tourists receive a glimpse into another world filled with Mayan rituals, rituals, processions and of course an endless choice of spectacular and authentic Guatemalan handcrafted goods.

The undisputed center of Ancient Mayan Society, Tikal sits at the heart of Guatemala’s northern rain forest -which makes this sacred area the house of Mayan history as well as home to hundreds of species of monkeys, toucans and parakeets.

The Tikal National Park, a protected area some 370 square kilometers, is a shifting, mystical experience for people - highlighted by the magnificent volcano ruins of the lost Mayan universe. For years people from around the world have come to Tikal to transfer their minds, spirits and bodies back in time whilst viewing a new day sunrise at dawn since they’re surrounded by the ancient Temples of Tikal.

* One of the most beautiful and distinctive attributes of Antigua are the spectacular 400-year-old ruins which can be seen on just about any corner of the enchanting, centuries-old city. Many of these ruins can really be leased for various personal events - creating any party, meeting, wedding or ceremony uniquely memorable.

This resort warrants serious consideration from anyone planning a trip to Antigua.

* Another luxury resort in Antigua that has recently opened is El Convento. This resort is best described as a boutique version of Casa Santa Domingo Hotel.